Sudocrem As A Moisturiser?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sudocrem, skin care cream, moisturiser, night mask, night cream, moisturizer, skin cream, face mask

Sudocrem, skin care cream, moisturiser, night mask, night cream, moisturizer, skin cream, face mask

Sudocrem. It's a product that conjures up the image of nappy changes and thick white cream being smothered onto dry knees and elbows as a child. Of course we all know that it does wonders for changing babies bums, but did you know it has many other uses too?

Word in the blogosphere is, that Sudocrem can also do wonders for your face and over the past few months I've been dabbling and rediscovering Sudocrem -  because you never know what might work for you until you try it.  There are so many blog posts and comments out there online from people who have had their lives transformed by using Sudocrem as a moisturiser and face mask and I for one, certainly wanted in on the action.

Now, Sudocrem Skin Care Cream isn't like using your typical moisturiser. It goes on as a thick white cream and after some time, it eventually sinks in to your skin. I like to warm it up slightly between my fingers (in the hopes that it makes a difference) and then I do my best to apply it as evenly as possible. 

If I have breakout areas or dry patches, I'll apply a slightly thicker amount on that area and then it's off to bed in the hopes of perfect skin in the morning. Just a note, this is where the pale skin comes in handy, as this stuff is white, so you will look a little odd - just go with it.

Upon waking up, I can't say I've been blessed with miraculously healed skin with breakouts banished forever... however what I have noticed is that any dry areas seem to have disappeared, and any break out areas seem to have calmed down and appear less red, and It certainly hasn't caused any fresh breakouts on my skin which is always a positive as my skin seems to be so sensitive at the moment. I don't think i'd use this cream every day, however a couple of times a week seems to be doing the job for me and keeping my skin calm during any bad flare ups.

At £1.99 for 30g, it's by far one of the cheapest creams I've ever put on my face... but having seen it out perform more expensive products, it's certainly deserving of it's place on my beauty shelf.

Would you use Sudocrem as a moisturiser? Let me know your thoughts in the comments...
Em xxx


  1. I used to use this on my skin for years and I can say that it did make a difference to redness and painful blemishes. I should look into using this again. It's definitely a beauty secret!

  2. I used to put this on my face every night. My skin felt amazing and my blemishes looked less sore. I think I overloaded my skin with it after a while and my skin became quite oily. I think I had too much of a good thing! Im glad someone else is loving it, it's such a handy product.

  3. I use sudocrem for everything else but I've always assumed it was too thick for my face... I'll have to give it a go, god knows my blemishes could do with it and it's so cheap!

    Sammy xo.

  4. I use this for everything too, on spots, dry patch and all kinds of things :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  5. I will definitely be picking this up and giving it a try, I've heard nothing but glowing reviews!

    Beka. xo

  6. I must be the odd one out as I find it extremely drying on my skin. It dries up and red angry spots but it also makes the rest of my face flaky! How odd! If it works for people that's a bargain!

  7. I actually swear by this stuff and did a full review of it on my blog :)

  8. I love sudocrem! Have been using it for years! xx

  9. It sounds fab, I would definitely use it! I currently use a Nivea creme ( the one in the blue tub) and it sounds so similar

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  10. I've always thought Sudocrem is too harsh to use on my face as my skin is so sensitive! I'll try it on my spots though :)

  11. i love using sudocrem, literally use it every night!


  12. I have Sudocrem in for the baby and would never have thought to use it as a moisturiser!

    Jegz xo

  13. i've used sudocrem my entire life for eczema but also for spots on my face, it's always done the job. it's great to see other people discovering it!

  14. I have been known to use Bepanthen cream as a moisturiser, it is basically the same thing. It's brilliant on dry skin around the elbow. Stephen :o)

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  23. Yep, the stuff you put on babies arses. Everyone laughed in bemusement and surprise - how? How on earth did the editor discover that? Not sure, was the answer, but the gal was trying it and I have to say, her skin was fantastic looking. Anyway, in the words of Vic and Bob, I couldn't let it lie, and took a magnifying glass to a pot.

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