Hello Again...

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

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Hello... It's me.

I was wondering if after all this time - you'd like to read...

So here we are, It's March 2016 and I'm not even going to pretend that sitting in front of a blank page and trying to find the right words to type is easy, because I'm so out of touch it's certainly far from it.

I never intended for this blog to become a long lost beauty graveyard, but over the past year, somehow that's the way it seems to have turned out.

2015 was pretty intense, for so many different reasons. You Look Disgusting went viral world wide, I hit 500K subscribers on YouTube, 1 Million Instagram followers and even got given my own BBC TV show - which I still find absolutely mind boggling.

However, I also know that for every door that opens, another closes somewhere and one thing I haven't really talked about in depth is that two weeks after I released 'Y.L.D' my world came crashing down as I was made 'redundant' from my full time Job.  It was a difficult time, and even though the prospect of redundancy was something that I'd previously faced in a different job when I first started my blog, It wasn't something I was expecting.

Over the past 8 months, my life has changed so much, but one thing that hadn't changed with it was my blog. For a while I had seriously fallen out of love with blogging. I felt like I didn't fit in to the beauty blogging community, that I wasn't good enough, perfect enough, and lost my way.

I found it difficult to get back into as I'd poured so many hours into this site in writing, photography and editing - let's just say that I can't even begin to count to amount of late nights, and tearful evenings that were spent worrying about not publishing a blog post for the next day. I became so consumed in posting every single day, and being the blogger that people wanted me to be, that I lost sight of what it actually was that I wanted to achieve.

In other words, If it's 2am, and you're crying because your mascara review is not finished to post the next day - it has become a problem. Makeup is meant to be FUN, and so is blogging - but more importantly, there is much more to life than makeup - and sadly It seems I had forgotten that last year.

So here we are, it's 2016 and I'm ready to try again if you are. I want this blog to be a place that is MORE than just makeup reviews - which I always intended it to be. So i'm going to mix things up a little with lifestyle, fashion, and maybe even some cooking and travel too.

I started My Pale Skin to share ways that made me feel confident in my own skin, and makeup is only a small part of that, so rightfully this blog should reflect that too.

Thanks for sticking with me, and here's to the future.

Em xx


  1. Love your work and blog totally!! Waiting to see more.. Love you xo

  2. Hello again Em :) Remember that you're only human, and there's only so many hours in the day. You've had a very busy year and achieved so much! I hope that you're doing better now after all the difficult things that happened. I'm always happy to listen if you need to chat. Can't wait to see what you post this year x

  3. Hello, Em. I'm from Indonesia.
    When I was in my senior high school i really hate girls with makeup. Like what?!
    But, when the first time I saw your beauty video, I started to love makeup at that moment. I watched all your videos and love how you put them on and The way you speak to us through youtube. You are such a lovely person. I downloaded every single video you posted, and watched it over and over.
    Now, I can do makeup by myself eventhough I still need more practices. But, thankyou, Em. Keep sharing to us. I love you, Em.❤️

  4. You are amazing Em! Never worry about these deadlines as readers that love your content will happily wait as long as you need in between posts. Posting daily AND creating videos AND a TV show would make you a superhuman! And it's so funny that you wrote you thought you're not perfect enough - every time I read your blog or watch a tutorial I end up thinking 'this girl is so freaking beautiful, I wish I looked like her' - you are both stunning and talented - please know your readers love you and your content! xx

  5. Ignore the reasons to feel not good enough. Those of us that are here for the right reasons will wait as long as it takes! If it's not fun, it's not worth it!

  6. Ignore the reasons to feel not good enough. Those of us that are here for the right reasons will wait as long as it takes! If it's not fun, it's not worth it!

  7. Em your back I missed reading your blog because it is always down to earth and so simple and honest :) Cant wait to see what your going to pull out of the bag this year and I will always admire you for the You Look Disgusting Video , you are not that anyway but you are confident in your own skin which is why I admire for you Welcome back and do not worry about deadlines :)

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  9. So pleased you're back! I have a lot of admiration for your pluck in making YLD and I'm happy that you're doing well. Looking forward to hearing from you here again, at your own pace. Take care!

  10. I'm so happy to hear this considering I just stumbled upon your blog this morning, which resulted in me being inspired to branch out of my makeup routine for the first time in years. I too have been struggling with the idea of having a blog and the daunting standards I felt I would have to live up to with one. I'm glad you've decided to broaden your blog to feature more of your authentic life. I can't wait to see what you have in store!

  11. Hi Em!
    I second what Alice R said - you're only human! Don't feel bad, if your heart isn't in it one day, don't worry, there are plenty of us that are still here and visit regularly. We can't wait to see what 2016 brings for you!
    xo Amy | I Am Adorkable

  12. Love your blog and i cannot wait to see wait what you do next :-)

  13. I must have been living under a rock and have only just recently heard about your inspiring story. I hope you do continue with your blog. I'd love to learn more from it. - Shonna

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  15. Aaand you posted it now, just when I was wondering if I should abandon my blog for Youtube's sake. Guess that's a sign. I'm glad you came back, your words have this strange power to motivate and inspire.

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  18. hi em! I have been watching your videos like over a year now. Suprisingly, I never get bored with your make up tutorials :D You're amazing and I adore you a lot on how confident you are putting your make up and all. Seriously, I'm like 20 and still don't even how the hell should I draw my eyebrows (to be on fleek) lol. I know you haven't been active with your blogging activities. Just want to let you know, you're amazing. Inside and out. Thank you for providing make up tutorials. xoxo - Nina

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